Get ahead of the competition with a material that has a long working season, is extremely easy to apply and has efficient materiale usage (just 5kg of premium resin for 100kg of stone).
Did we mention it can be applied both horizontally and VERTICALLY with great ease?


Long working season – can be applied from 0 to 40

Easy to apply – work with ease and get the results faster

Efficient – 5kg of premium resin for 100kg of stone. Yes, that is right!

Apply both ways. Easy to apply horizontally, even easier vertically

How to buy?

Give us a call and get all the info you need straight from our specialists in driveways. You can also schedule a meeting at our locations in Glenrothes and Bedford.

What does our product mean for your customers?

1. Low maintenance. Your customers will surely thank you for this.
2. Excellent drainage. Your work will be beautiful and practical.
3. Great durability. Another thing your customers will thank you for.
4. Amazing versatility. Can be applied both vertically and horizontally so the possibilities are endless.
5. Stunning look. Both your customer’s driveway and you as the one who applied it will surely stand out.

About ICR Solution

For over 17 years ICR Solution has been in the marketing of epoxy, polyurethane, polyaspartic and polyurethane resins.

The company's strength is the new center of state-of-the-art research and development where ICR SOLUTION's highly-qualified scientific staff, appreciating the same innovative philosophy that has led to decades of decade ago, continues to respond to market challenges.

The result of these efforts lies in new technologies we are constantly rolling out, just like RESIN BOUND.

The main advantage of working with us? GET ALL YOU NEED IN ONE STOP, DIRECTLY FROM THE RESIN MASTERS.

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